A Quick Look at the Terror Threats around the World

Terrorism, as an ongoing problem, is an impending threat that has become part of the reality in the 21st century. Recently, the Hawaii representative, Tulsi Gabbard addressed that the danger from terrorism is appraised “high” in more than thirty nations around the globe. Following the recent holidays, the most popular summer choices for vacationing tourists, for example, Turkey and Spain have become very risky ventures with these destinations being given the same terror rating as current terror spots like Libya, Somalia, and Pakistan.

In regard to this terror attacks, Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard has outlined four things that is necessary to defeat the most powerful terror organizations viz: ISIS and other jihadist groups.

They are namely,

+ Immediately end war against the Syrian Government of Assad.

+ Defeat ISIS militarily.

+ Minimize sectarian conflict and arriving at a political solution.

+ Bringing up the right ideological foundation among masses and identify the real culprit.


See the full article on Tulsi Gabbard’s vision regarding terror attacks.

See a couple of the videos below where Tulsi Gabbard is expressing her concerns over the continuous terror attacks worldwide.

Holidaying spots, which are often frequented by tourists, have become the main targets for these terror attacks.  In recent times, tourists are the major targets for the terror attacks with quite a number of them being taken hostage or being victims of the terror attacks. In light of these events, travel sites have been listed as most likely areas for terror attacks.


Tulsi being a rare personality, her heart is filled with care and compassion for people, Tulsi Gabbard showed her concerns about the latest casualty of terrorist assaults is France. Having experience peace following its position in Europe, the recent attacks came as a shock to many. Currently, France had the most astounding terror danger level much sooner than the last assaults in Paris, which left no less than one hundred and thirty individuals dead. Due to continuous hazards to France by Islamist terrorist gatherings, and late French military mediation against ISIL an active terror groups, the French government has cautioned general society to be additional cautious and strengthened its own particular residential and foreign efforts to establish safety.

Tulsi Gabbard is truly concerned about the world’s population safety and she has always shown her care and concerns when there is a terror attack in any corner of the world.

Egypt, where a Russian airplane smashed as of late, additionally has the Foreign Office’s most noteworthy dread risk level. It was indicated, while an examination is continuous, flight and security specialists have recommended a bomb was the likelihood reason for the catastrophe. Other different zones that are high on the terrorist records include Tunisia, where thirty Britons were killed in a slaughter the previous summer, Russia, Indonesia, Kenya, Myanmar, Colombia, the Philippines, Thailand, Turkey, Belgium, and Australia. The consideration of a great part of the Middle East, including Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Lebanon, Afghanistan, and Israel, will not shock anyone.

There are four appraisals when judging the risk of a terrorist assault in its travel guidance: high, general, basic and low. Ms. Gabbard suggested nations where the fear risk is low include Bolivia, Iceland, Poland, Ecuador, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Japan, Vietnam, and Hungary. However, there are different measures being taken on in order to establish means of controlling of these terrorist activities and hereby restoring peace to these regions and others.

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